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Embedding Ownership Part 1

Ownership, engagement and traction are fundamental to your people processes delivering value. In this article we look at how to embed ownership of data in order to improve data quality and ownership of the sources and causes of production loss/deferral, in order to improve the delivery of solutions.


Embedding Ownership Part2

The introduction of new initiatives and processes into the workplace are often received with a degree of scepticism: more work for an already busy workforce. Embedding the right kind of ownership at asset management level and above can transform engagement and success. This is more about human psychology/behaviour than anything else. The right kind of [...]


Choke Model Basics

How good are your Loss/Deferral Management People Processes? If you are looking to start from scratch or find out how your processes compare to Best-In-Class and what you could better, then this is where to start.


EON Rhur Gas

We are setting up a pilot implementation of our GCMe for EON as a direct result of EON’s Stewart Brotherton having used our GCM in BHP Billiton in the past. At BHP Billiton, Stewart pointed out the tangible cost savings derived from implementing our choke model, highlighting the fact that the model had “paid for [...]


GUPCO (Egypt)

Gupco continue to use our GCM software – still running smoothly after 10 years. “Thanks for all your hard work. I am absolutely thrilled at the work Craig has delivered here this week. This week has really moved GUPCO substantially along on our Production Loss Management journey." Bruce Abbuhl, GUPCO


Tullow Oil

Used in their "Jubilee" asset in Ghana. Here we have integrated GCMe with their reservoir modelling system and their real time data historian. Again, very happy with GCMe and our service. "Its all running smoothly with no problems at all" Mark Whitehouse, Implementation Project Manager


Woodside Petroleum

“The choke model is gaining more and more users each day and one was recently heard to make the comment comparing it with sliced bread.” Implementations of the choke model provide the organisation with more than simply another software application. The processes underpinning the model which are then adopted throughout the organisation have the ability [...]



Nexen Petroleum UK has used both the Production and Injection Choke Model on the Scott platform since 2005 and on the Buzzard platform since first oil in 2007. In 2009 the Production choke model was implemented for the Ettrick field and extended to cover Ettrick/Blackbird fields in 2011. “Reporting of Production Losses is a process [...]


Na Kika / PEIt

As far back as 2005, Nakika adopted Production Efficiency Improvement toolkit (PEIt). This has since been deployed to nearly all E&P assets. The tool set made it possible for Na Kika to instantly view and analyze production loss data and include key performance indicators (KPIs). It also provided the ability to plan for future operations [...]