The Choke Model Toolkit

Best In Class Production and Injection Efficiency Improvement, De-Bottlenecking and Emissions Reduction

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  • Loss Reporting & Analysis including “5 Whys” and full branching RCA
  • De-Bottlenecking & Opportunities Tracker
  • Integrated Action Tracking and User Forum with full email support
  • BI Stage: Information Management System for all related Data Sources
  • Emissions Reduction

The Platform for Best-In-Class Production & Injection Efficiency Improvement and Emissions Reduction

Why the Choke Model Delivers Improved Performance

The Choke Model supports a number of easily integrated people processes, developed from Industry Best Practice.

These processes have been developed to engage and empower your workforce in the drive for continual Production Efficiency Improvement and more recently, Net Zero Improvement/Emissions Reduction.

25 Years of Experience in this field has taught us what makes a good process work well.

  • Engage the right people at the right time.
  • Remove as much of the “strain” as possible with our tailored, user friendly toolkit, packed with labour/time saving features.
  • Support the value adding conversations that will unearth your improvement opportunities by getting everyone “on the same page”, talking the same performance improvement language.

With our comprehensive training & support, these processes harness the Experience, Expertise and Insight of your people to turn data into the information that is fundamental to your performance improvement effort.

Contact Info

Choke Model
Name: Neil Hardy
Tel: +44 (0)7767 890636

The Choke Model Features

Loss Reporting & Analysis

  • Easy, configurable production (& injection) loss/deferment reporting
  • Capture the detail and value of loss necessary to support your improvement decisions
  • Sophisticated and flexible visualisation including support for external dashboard systems
  • Simple and complex Root Cause Analysis
  • Support for regulatory reporting
  • Future loss prevention matrix
  • Emissions Reduction integrated with the same daily Processes

De-Bottlenecking & Opportunities Tracker

A Live Choke Model, reflecting your infrastructure, however complex and unusual

  • Automatically and logically generated from the intelligent Asset/System tree
  • Visible at any level in your system hierarchy, enabling focus on key areas as well as across the Asset as a whole
  • Opportunites added and visualised at any level and logically rolled up to all levels above
  • Instant visibility on which opportunities will provide the largest gains and which would have to be actioned together in order increase overall Production Capacity/Potential

Integrated Action Tracking & User Forum

Close the loop between simply reporting loss/deferment events and preventing them from happening again.

  • Fully functional action tracking system with auto email alerts
  • User forum enables collaboration across assets & regions
  • Pose questions and share successes to an audience defined by you

The Business Intelligence (BI) Stage

An integrated Information Management System (IMS) for all related data sources. Store a collection of relevant links, documents, dashboards and saved reports at every level in your Asset/System hierarchy. From production and condition monitoring traces for an individual well, to scheduled maintenance worklists for individual facilities or groups, right up to Asset and Regional level summaries and dashboards.