The Choke Model

Best In Class Production and Injection Loss Reporting & Analysis

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In Brief

  • Leverage your Ops Team’s Experience, Expertise and Insight
  • Single Repository for all Performance Issues & Opportunities
  • Support the People Processes that Drive Improvement
  • Proven. Currently delivering compelling benefits for our clients

A Solid Platform for Production & Injection Efficiency Improvement

Why the Choke Model Delivers Improved Performance

The Choke Model supports a number of well thought out, easily integrated people-processes.

These processes have been developed to engage and empower your workforce in the drive for continual Production Efficiency Improvement.

20 Years of Experience in this field has taught us what makes a good process work well.

  • Engage the right people at the right time.
  • Remove as much of the “strain” as possible with our tailored, user friendly toolset, packed with labour/time saving features.
  • Support the value adding conversations that will unearth your improvement opportunities by getting everyone “on the same page”, talking the same performance improvement language.

With our comprehensive training & support, these processes harness the Experience, Expertise and Insight of your people to turn data into the information that is fundamental to your performance improvement effort.

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Choke Model
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The Choke Model Processes

Set Targets

  • First, establish your current Production Capacity (Maximum Production Potential).
  • This takes into consideration all chokes across the Reservoir to Market production process and involves collaboration between your Reservoir, Wells & Process engineers.
  • The Production Capacity becomes the metric against which Performance & Performance Improvement is measured.
Choke Model - Set Targets

Reduce Losses

Choke Model - Reduce Losses
  • Fix the faults and change the behaviours that have been responsible for production losses occurring – prioritise according to importance.
  • The Choke Model facilitates the systematic gathering, collation and presentation of information that will inform your decision making.

Increase Potential

  • The Choke Model supports your multi-discipline review that identifies opportunities to de-bottleneck and increase Production Capacity.
  • See which production growth opportunities will return best value in terms of increased Production Capacity per $.
  • Don’t waste money improving one aspect of the process if the real chokes lie elsewhere.
Choke Model - Increase Potential

Analyse Performance

  • The Choke Model provides a sophisticated and flexible reporting function that provides clarity & transparency to your operational performance at all levels – from an individual well or piece of machinery right up to the organisation as a whole.
Choke Model - analyse Performance
Choke Model - analyse Performance 2
Choke Model - Increase Potential