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3 Keys - Young Light

A managed service combining Methodology, Engineering Capability and Technology.

3keys brings together all sources of work, risk and plant performance into one place to ensure that activity is better aligned with genuine need. If you are operating in a target-rich environment with requests for work arriving from a variety of sources, 3keys will provide “one source of the truth” which will facilitate effective governance and consistent prioritisation.

Never before has it been possible to integrate and consolidate such a wide range of (often competing) information sources and present them in such a way that brings immediate visibility and transparency to the process of prioritisation and planning.

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Name: Neil Caird
Tel: +44 (0)7943 053088

Organised by process system, you can now visualise on a single dashboard:

  • Process surveillance/system health
  • Associated production loss history
  • A combined work register
  • Preventative “barriers” to downtime
3 Keys - visualise on a single dashboard
3 Keys - One source of the truth

One source of the truth. Cross check your planned activity with system health and related production loss reporting. If a system has been performing well, is this planned activity a priority? If your preventative barriers, developed to avoid trips and shutdowns are weak, would activity to strengthen them be a more effective use of time?

Higher level heat maps show clearly which systems are at risk. Drill down to see detail, related loss reporting, preventative barriers and associated activity.

This provides a level playing field for all of you systems which facilitates optimal activity planning.

3 Keys - Heat Maps

What makes this possible and what makes 3keys different is that we don’t just provide the technology, we provide a small team to make it all happen for you: A Managed Service.