As far back as 2005, Nakika adopted Production Efficiency Improvement toolkit (PEIt). This has since been deployed to nearly all E&P assets.

The tool set made it possible for Na Kika to instantly view and analyze production loss data and include key performance indicators (KPIs). It also provided the ability to plan for future operations by viewing the status of production and identifying where to target resources to leverage future gains. With the increased transparency of data and flexibility of reporting, the previous monthly reporting cycle was reduced to a daily reporting cycle.

For situations where infrastructure limitations are an issue, the tool set has an option to synchronize a local database with online data in situations.

Promising a better production environment, the PEI tool set performed and delivered. After implementing the tool set, Na Kika experienced a reduction in repeat failures and operating costs, as well as continued great HSSE performance. The reduction in repeat failures allowed for less unplanned and more planned activities.

 “Having all this information available to the end user, where it belongs, is probably one of the biggest success stories to date.” (Joe Palatka, BP, explanatory note / biog.)