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In Brief

Originally developed and used for a major North Sea TAR, our tool is a modular system designed to replace the large number of Excel spreadsheets often associated with the planning process.


  • Work hopper/wish list – can be synchronised with your Maintenance Management System
  • Bookies Board – including work flow, data integrity and traffic light status for all component sections
  • Materials Tracker – management of materials, associated POs and delivery
  • Workpack Tracker – group your jobs into manageable chunks
  • Sophisticated, multi-level security model – allows different access rights for different users (including third party)
  • Multi-concurrent access database platform – a one stop shop for your TAR team and third party suppliers

Contact Info

TAR Planner
Name: Ed Murison
Tel: +44 (0)7986 312289


  • Start planning your next TAR by looking at a previous one – if useable data is in there, you won’t have to re-enter it
  • Built in business rules enforce data integrity – we can configure these business rules to suit your best practise
  • Powerful grid controls and matrices help your prioritise work for TAR inclusion
  • Visual (traffic light) feedback helps you prioritise your project management efforts
  • Link to your maintenance management system to prevent the need for double dipping

TAR Planner Main Screen

Colour coding and traffic light feedback give instant visibility to job status and completeness of required information. Allows easy focus on priority areas.

TAR Planner Main Screen

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Built in work flow, business rules and visual aids facilitate efficient and consistent governance, data integrity and transparency.

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