Nexen Petroleum UK has used both the Production and Injection Choke Model on the Scott platform since 2005 and on the Buzzard platform since first oil in 2007. In 2009 the Production choke model was implemented for the Ettrick field and extended to cover Ettrick/Blackbird fields in 2011.

“Reporting of Production Losses is a process embedded within the operating philosophy of each installation and the fields producing across them. All Nexen UK installations and fields perform Loss Reporting in a consistent manner. The Choke Models underpin the Loss Reporting process and provide information required for the weekly and monthly reporting and review cycles.

The Choke Models allow the reasons for lost or deferred production to be identified and understood. They focus attention not only on the worst performing pieces of equipment, but on the causes of each loss. They identify both the “big hitters” and the small but recurring losses. They provide information which allows actions to be agreed and prioritized, actions which enable Nexen to improve production performance over the short, medium and long term.

Young Light Technologies provide annual support for the Choke Models in a cost effective manner. The models have been customized to integrate with the UK Production Reporting system, to provide information for the Hydrocarbon Release Reduction project and to help root cause analysis. These pieces of work have been performed on budget and within the timescale agreed with the vendor.

The Choke Models calculate both planned and unplanned operating efficiency, where the figures are justifiable and auditable. The distinction between planned, unplanned and shutdown losses, combined with classification of losses by choke and system provide the information required for performance metrics. Integrated with the UK Production Reporting system and BusinessObjects reporting, the preparation of annual statutory returns is simplified and achieved in a consistent manner from one year to the next.”