Best Practice

Crossing The Great Divide

How to get production optimisation and maintenance management teams on the same page, working more efficiently together with a focus on cutting costs as well as improving production efficiency.


Hidden Gold Within the Detail

A small change to the detail recorded by one of the North Sea’s biggest players exposed a major opportunity. Others are now following suit as they recognised that this would work for them and indeed, any operator.


Embedding Ownership Part 1

Ownership, engagement and traction are fundamental to your people processes delivering value. In this article we look at how to embed ownership of data in order to improve data quality and ownership of the sources and causes of production loss/deferral, in order to improve the delivery of solutions.


Embedding Ownership Part2

The introduction of new initiatives and processes into the workplace are often received with a degree of scepticism: more work for an already busy workforce. Embedding the right kind of ownership at asset management level and above can transform engagement and success. This is more about human psychology/behaviour than anything else. The right kind of [...]


Choke Model Basics

How good are your Loss/Deferral Management People Processes? If you are looking to start from scratch or find out how your processes compare to Best-In-Class and what you could better, then this is where to start.

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