Marathon Oil was GCMe’s early adopter, having previously used the GCMe fore-runner (Standalone GCM) in two of their UK assets. GCMe has now been adopted by all of Marathon’s assets.

“Prior to GCM/GCMe, data relating to losses was generally supplied in the form of weekly reports which were inconsistent and not in a format that allowed easy analysis. We needed to get a better handle on what was going on.

GCMe revolutionised our approach to loss management and performance improvement. Using GCMe, we can track the ‘Worst Actors’ in terms of $ value and we now have a rigorous process for making sure we address the problem areas.

We all understand the concepts of Source, Cause, Root Cause etc. so everyone is now on the same page when it comes to the conversations we need to have in order to address the issues. We have since made great strides in improving Operational Availability and Production Efficiency.

It’s obvious: How in the world can you possibly improve if you don’t know where and why the losses are occurring!

We now have consistent data in a central database that can be analysed easily. GCMe is now the basis for all the related numbers that we report to senior management and Wall Street.

GCMe is an essential part of our performance improvement effort which has lead to an increase in overall production of at least 2% – probably more.”

Tracy Hoffart, Reliability Process Analyst