We have recently completed the implementation of our Choke Model software to all of Centrica Energy’s UK, Netherlands and Norway assets. Centrica are now considering rolling GCMe out to their North American Business. Graham Walker managed the implementation and provided us with the following feedback:

“The Production Loss Reporting Tool (GCMe) has been successfully implemented across the operated areas in the UK and Netherlands and is a key element to improving operational performance across the business.

The GCMe product was delivered as per the agreed client specification, on time and on budget – for any business process improvement project this can be a challenge, however, Young Light Technologies have more than ably met the client expectations with little fuss.

The user population were engaged during the development of the product for the specific needs of Centrica. This engagement created an essential foundation for rolling out the GCMe product to the business. During training and subsequent use, the user population were very positive about the ease of use of the product

At a business leadership level, managers are very pleased with the ability to make judgements on performance from data that can be easily shaped to identify improvement opportunities.

Young Light Technologies were responsive and professional throughout the project. Although a small team, this was not a barrier to sticking to the plan and meeting expectations.”

Graham Walker, Project Manager for GCMe Implementation